Why choose a sleep consultant?
There are so many options available when it comes to your baby or child’s sleep. These options range from sleep consultants, sleep school and online guides.
These options all have benefits. Sleep schools can often be covered by Private Health Insurance, and finance is often a deciding factor when deciding which avenue to take.
The benefit of choosing a sleep consultant is, 1:1 tailored and personalised support, follow up support so you can contact your consultant at any time for advice, and if you use my service, a personalised sleep plan for your families needs. The deciding factors when choosing which avenue to take should be; will I still have support when I go home or when they leave or hang up the phone, will the advice provided be advice given to everyone or will it be tailored just for me?

Sleep consultants will just get me to leave my baby to cry to sleep.
MYTH! I will NEVER ask, nor expect you to leave your baby to cry and especially not leave them to cry until they fall asleep. Settling to sleep and sleep environments should be calm and conducive to sleep. Having your baby cry in their cot will not create this, and will create a lot of stress for both yourself and your child. It is important to remember that children, especially babies use crying to communicate so it is important to be aware that no matter how gentle the approach, your baby may shed a few tears as they make the adjustments.

What makes you different?
My gentle, holistic approach is not my only point of difference to other sleep consultants, but also the fact that I will assist and respect your approach to the process by recommending only gentle techniques and allowing you to make the choice that you feel is best for your child and most importantly you. I would never want someone to tell me how to help my child in the way the I MUST follow certain approaches so I would never expect you to receive that advice from me.

When should I start?
Whenever you are ready. It will not matter if your child is in a developmental leap or sleep regression. We can begin the foundations at anytime and create better sleep for your future. The only time I will suggest delaying use of a sleep consultant is if your child is unwell. When your child is unwell, please comfort them. You can get back on track once they are better.

What if it doesn’t work?
If you are struggling, or things are not working please contact me. That is exactly what your support period is for. Things may need tweaking in the first few days. As long as you are consistent and utilise the support, you will notice a change. Unfortunately, a money back guarantee cannot be offered as I am unable to see if you are being consistent or following my advice. My biggest advice is always be consistent and use the follow up support, it is there so take full advantage.