About Us

As a mother of 2, Sabrina understands just how important sleep is. This is where her passion for Child and Infant sleep originated. Sabrina is excited to offer parents the opportunity to share her skills to support parents to create safe, sustainable and supportive practices for parents and their children.
Sabrina is experienced with, and has a passion for working with babies and children from birth to 5 years of age. Whilst happy and willing to support newborns, she also understands the importance of the Fourth Trimester and developing a special bond with your baby.
The methods used are based on science, and all methods have been used to support her own children on their sleep journey. If there are any concerns about your parenting style, Sabrina is more than happy to discuss these with you and develop and appropriate plan to support this.
Working with Sabrina will allow you to feel confident, empowered, supported and in control.