About Me!

I am an Infant & Child Sleep Consultant based in Queensland. I am also a mother to Isaac and Lyla. I have a background in Disability, Aged Care and Youth Work, it is clear the love I have for supporting people, and I understand the challenges being a parent myself.

Supportive Sleep’s main goal is to support families in achieving better sleep using techniques which are science based and focus on finding the root cause of sleep issues for good quality sleep for life. Supportive Sleep also adopt a holistic approach to sleep including environment, feeding, relationships and attachment.

Supportive Sleep does NOT use or promote cry-it-out methods, as it is important for your baby to feel supported along this journey for life. We also believe that nobody can know your baby better than you, so will respect this and gain an understanding of your child and their preferences, needs and responses. We aim to help you understand your baby’s sleep needs, how to respond and how to manage daily life whilst also getting those much needed ZZZZ’s.

This business has allowed me to support hundreds, if not thousands of families to reach their sleep goals, feel less anxious about sleep and feel in control when any changes may occur.

It is an absolute privilege and honour to be welcomed into someones family and support them with their pride and joy.

I don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to sleep

Every baby is different, every family is different, and your needs and wants should be respected accordingly.

I will take the time to assess your needs, understand your parenting style, your baby’s temperament and develop a personalised approach from there.